x_little_bird_x (x_little_bird_x) wrote in unb,

Stuff for sale!

I'm moving at the end of the month and need to sell a bunch of stuff.

I'm moving at the end of the month and am looking to sell a lot of stuff so I don't have to move it.

For sale:
--solid wood computer desk, folds up for easy storage/moving $75
--set of mismatched plates (4 large, 2 butter, one bowl) $5
--purple yoga/pilates mat $10 *SOLD*
--20 inch stability ball $10 *SOLD*
--2 Ikea magnetic bulletin boards $10 each (these are fantastic!)
--10 inch fan $10
--folding chair (card table type) $5
--Unisex winter jacket, orange colour $75
--small durabrand cannister vacuum with attachments $20

Prices as posted, or make me an offer!! It all has to go eventually.

Also, if you are looking for something let me know. I might have it and forgotten to post it. :)
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I'd be interested in the mat and the stability ball!

Let me know how I can get these from you and when a good time is for you. (u6kz6(at)unb.ca if you don't want to dish out info over lj)

i just emailed you